Monday, July 15, 2013

The Hollows


*Please note that this post does have some spoilers about this series so hop down to the bottom after the *** if you want to skip them.*

What to say about Amanda Hocking series The Hollows?

I really loved the first two books and wish there was more. I celebrate when a book compels me to read something that I don't like. In this case it was zombies. I was REALLY skeptical, but I gave it a try and I will never regret it.

I have never written a review for Amanda, but that's because I found out about her after she was already successful. So many other people had already shared their opinions so I just left it.

Out of everything Amanda has written this series is my favorite hands down. I LOVE Remy King is kick-ass and fear-less. The books are action packed, fast-paced and carried a few awesome twists.

I have to say that was really one of the best things. Amanda found a great reason to keep her main character alive (because let's face it) the main character can't die until the end of the series. Even in a zombie book. No one likes it when the main character dies in the middle, unless the story is Hitchcock's PSYCHO.

I do LOVE it how Amanda kills most of her side characters. PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE IN DISASTER BOOKS!!! It's unrealistic if everyone lives!
Thank you Amanda for not getting so attached to your characters that you decide not to kill them. Let me just say I love murderous authors so long as they kill their characters so long as there is at least one that I like left :P

As for Remy - she is that character. If Amanda killed her OR HER LION I would have been horrified! Besides Remy deserves to live above the side characters. She is relentless and an awesome fighter. Even if she wasn't immune she deserves to outlast everyone else!

If you like comic books you should check out the adaption. I don't like them so I won't continue from the first one, but it was cool. I think it will translate well because there is heaps of action. 


So moving on from the Hallows....I still want to talk about Amanda. She is a post-indie darling and even if you don't like her novels you have to admit she has done well for herself.

I really respect how humble she is about everything. I think she deserves her success and I'd like to speak to her one day. Well, we will see about that. She is very busy :P

Apart from The Hollows she has a few other series out. I don't love the others like I do The Hollows, but do recommend her blog. She's pretty cool and she had a lot to say about her own publishing journey!

         Do you have any opinions about Amanda, The Hollows or any of her other books?

                                           You can check out her blog HERE

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