Monday, July 29, 2013

The Hunger Games?

Ok so I had to do a post on Suzanne Collins Hunger Games Series.
How could I not? There's just so many things I want to talk about. Like first off, how does one think of a novel including children that must fight to the death? I read the initial idea came to Suzanne as she was flicking through T.V channels yet I still can't imagine what made her think of THAT.
Don't get me wrong.... I only talk about books I love on this blog. I do love the hunger games. I've read the books many times and I dragged my boyfriend to gold class to watch the first movie the day it came out.

BUT SERIOUSLY! how did she think of children fighting to the death? Usually when I think about death I think of adults not twelve year old kids. Maybe that's why I prefer Catching Fire? I know that was the reason I didn't pick up the books for a long time. I'm glad I did in the end because they are awesome. Who knew sticking a bunch of kids in an arena and forcing them to kill each other could be so entertaining? I didn't.......

Moving on my favorite part of the series was the seriously awesome time arena in Catching Fire. I'm not kidding. All I could think about during that book was how amazing that idea was. I wouldn't like to face it, but when a book is revolved around death and disaster I expect there to be plenty of it. All I did during that book was grip the pages waiting for the next part of the arena to unleash something horrific. That sounds exceptionally evil of me, but at least I hoped Katnis would live. I did kinda wish Haymich had to go instead of Peeta. Not to die, but so show his untapped killer skills he gained many years ago.

My least favorite part was those creepy white roses Snow (was that his name.....I already forgot) sent! I read a indie book recently that included roses and all I could think about was that creeper governor from Hunger Games. Then some crazy ideas started forming in my head and somehow I linked the two books together........

I don't know..... I really don't.... they are very different books......

Anyway enough about Hunger Games because I must go to bed. It's getting late and I don't want to end up dreaming about Snow because he was the last thing I wrote about before going to bed.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aversion by Kenichi Udungu


*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review*  

Aversion (The Mentalist Series, #1)Aversion is a YA paranormal which follows int he eyes of sixteen year old Gemma Green.
This book is certainly a page turner. The only reason I put it down was because I have to deal with responsibilities and life.

There was barely a moment I didn't want to know what happened next right from the get go. It progressed perfectly right up to the dramatic ending when Gemma obtains a glimpse of what she is really capable of. It is followed by a clear intention of a sequel, which I was quite pleased about because I would like to read more of this series.

The only real criticism I had was that the novel was too short. I got through it quickly because it's closer to a novella size, but I want to know more! The idea of aversion in this book is intriguing. I want to see Gemma grow and blossom and use her aversion skills to kick some ass!

 I recommend this book to anyone who any YA and paranormal fan. Aversion failed to disappoint. It's a page turner and a great story.

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 Kenechi kindly answered some THIS OR THAT questions for me. So check them out and see what kind of things she likes :D

1.       Night or Day: Night. For some weird reason, I feel more energised when the sun goes down. No, I am not a vampire. I’ve checked and I don’t sparkle. Or hate garlic.  
2.       Summer or winter: Summer. Winter = cold. Enough said. 
3.       Beach or exploration: Beach, but I’d still like to explore a little. Just not for an entire holiday. 
4.       Games or movies: Urgh, can I go for both? I’m a bit of a games freak and a self-confessed telly addict. Please, don’t make me chose. 
5.       Self-published or traditional published: As a self-published author, I’ve started to read a lot more indie books and have been lucky to find a few gems over the years. I’ve also met a number of indie writers online who have shared their struggles with me and have become good friends. I’d never bash traditionally published books though. A good book is a good book, irrespective of the way it’s published. 
6.       Laptop or desktop: I love my desktop. It’s so much more reliable than any laptop I’ve ever owned. 
7.       Camping or 5 star resort: 5 star resort, or anywhere with solid walls around my bed. I’ve never understood the appeal of sleeping outside with bugs. 
8.       Car or bike: Most definitely car! I’m ashamed to say I still don’t know how to ride a bike.  
9.       Coke or Pepsi: Coke. Is there even any comparison? 
10.   Classical music or heavy metal: Leaning towards heavy metal for this one. I occasionally listen to classical music but I can sit for hours and submerge myself in rock music.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sacred Promises by Mindy Bigham and Jennifer Hines

Sacred Promises (Book #1)

I'd like to say thanks to the authors for giving me the opportunity to review this story.
I have much more to say about this book. All of them are good things. I will do a authors interview at a later date, but for now here is the review. I would recommend it to anyone who likes YA and paranormal/magic elements.

If you want to know more check out goodreads
If you want to buy the book go here

The review - I gave this book 5 stars

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for a honest review.*

Sacred promises follows 18 year old Abbey who was conditioned to one day rise to take her place as queen. It it when she is placed in a academy setting with her own people that she really begins to blossom, and with the appropriate amount of age appropriate struggles.

After I finished the book it kept popping up at random times and that’s because it ticked all of my like boxes. I loved everything from the story world that was created, Abbeys connection with Giga, combat training classes and of course MAGIC!!!!

Abbey is strong, level-headed, forgiving and brave. She often makes decisions with wisdom beyond her years which is refreshing. She has all of the qualities that will allow her to develop into an amazing queen. On the flip side she is still a teenager and her struggle between fitting-in and being queen was in perfect balance the entire time. There were many times she acted her own age and was swept up in teenaged drama, high school and boys.

For those who really enjoy romance there is plenty of that, including many unwanted roses. (you will see) :D

This book is YA, but will probably develop into a coming-of-age or in this case rise-to-throne type scenario. I LOVE THAT!!

I hope that there is a continuation to this series because there is no doubt that I will read the next book. Overall a fun story with one my favorite lead female characters to date.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Hollows


*Please note that this post does have some spoilers about this series so hop down to the bottom after the *** if you want to skip them.*

What to say about Amanda Hocking series The Hollows?

I really loved the first two books and wish there was more. I celebrate when a book compels me to read something that I don't like. In this case it was zombies. I was REALLY skeptical, but I gave it a try and I will never regret it.

I have never written a review for Amanda, but that's because I found out about her after she was already successful. So many other people had already shared their opinions so I just left it.

Out of everything Amanda has written this series is my favorite hands down. I LOVE Remy King is kick-ass and fear-less. The books are action packed, fast-paced and carried a few awesome twists.

I have to say that was really one of the best things. Amanda found a great reason to keep her main character alive (because let's face it) the main character can't die until the end of the series. Even in a zombie book. No one likes it when the main character dies in the middle, unless the story is Hitchcock's PSYCHO.

I do LOVE it how Amanda kills most of her side characters. PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE IN DISASTER BOOKS!!! It's unrealistic if everyone lives!
Thank you Amanda for not getting so attached to your characters that you decide not to kill them. Let me just say I love murderous authors so long as they kill their characters so long as there is at least one that I like left :P

As for Remy - she is that character. If Amanda killed her OR HER LION I would have been horrified! Besides Remy deserves to live above the side characters. She is relentless and an awesome fighter. Even if she wasn't immune she deserves to outlast everyone else!

If you like comic books you should check out the adaption. I don't like them so I won't continue from the first one, but it was cool. I think it will translate well because there is heaps of action. 


So moving on from the Hallows....I still want to talk about Amanda. She is a post-indie darling and even if you don't like her novels you have to admit she has done well for herself.

I really respect how humble she is about everything. I think she deserves her success and I'd like to speak to her one day. Well, we will see about that. She is very busy :P

Apart from The Hollows she has a few other series out. I don't love the others like I do The Hollows, but do recommend her blog. She's pretty cool and she had a lot to say about her own publishing journey!

         Do you have any opinions about Amanda, The Hollows or any of her other books?

                                           You can check out her blog HERE

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good Things To Come

At the moment I'm organizing the last few things before I start adding more content to this blog.

I have so many amazing novels I'd like to share already and I can't wait to start posting!!

In the meantime I'm picked a new book to start soon:

Afterlife Academy by Jaimie Admans.

Be on the lookout for some upcoming author interviews by some of my favorite indie authors at the moment and some of my thoughts on Amanda Hockings -  Hollowland